Paula Belluomini, CAP, is an Astrologer specializing in Natal Astrology, Forecast, Mundane, Elective, Relocational and Hellenistic/Traditional Astrology. She has been studying Astrology since she was a teenager, first self-taught while still living in Brazil.

During the 90's she moved to California, where she continued studying with several independent courses, including Earthwalk Astrology school. In 2004 she created the first edition of The Astrological Calendar under the brand name The Professional's House.

After that she was selected to write the astrological column of The Learning Light magazine, published in Orange County. Paula also taught basic and intermediate level courses in Orange County. She attended several Astrological Conferences promoted by ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and UAC (United Astrology Congress), and actively contributed to the SCAN (Southern California Astrological Network) group.

In August 2009 she completed the Astrological Consulting Skills Course sponsored by ISAR in Chicago, IL. In 2012 she passed the Competency Test in New Orleans UAC and in 2015 concluded the Ethics training course, thus completing the three steps required to become a Certified Astrological Professional by ISAR (CAP).

Back in Brazil she continues to study and deepen her knowledge in Hellenistic, Traditional and Horary Astrology. Besides being an Astrologer, Paula is graduated in Advertising and works with Web and Graphic Design. She often contributes to designing artwork with astrological themes, now under the publishing house Casa Ciclos Editora. Also visit AstroPaula.com, a blogsite where she publishes her articles in Portuguese. Paula also writes daily posts on Facebook and Twitter about the Astrology of the moment.


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